what'sthe monferrato?

Monferrato is a territory located in the Piemont region with different “terroirs” and microclimates.

It is divided in “Alto (High) Monferrato” close to the Appennini and “Basso (Low) Monferrato”, the latter being characterised by softer hills.

The Monferrato spans across two political provinces of Asti and Alessandria with its capital being Casale Monferrato. For this reason, we have the two denominations “ASTI” and “MONFERRATO CASALESE”.


The Monferrato Casalese is a UNESCO Heritage since 2014 for its particular pedological conformation. In fact, the “INFERNOT” grottos have been excecated into its “Pietra da Cantone”, a type of stone that can be easily worked with. These structures were destinated to create a warm place during cold winter days (“inferno” means hell) and to store wine, salami, cheese, and confiture.

The clay’s good quality along with the warm continental climate gives us the possibility to produce high quality grapes in our hills. The minerality and calcareous composition of our soil make our wines unique.

Depending on the degree of calcareous content in the soil, the land around Vignale Monferrato can be white, yellow or light brown.